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Young specialists are interested in the nuclear industry development



The Carrier Days forum for students and graduates of the energy industry core professions is being held in Moscow. During a week all persons interested will be able to get information right from potential employers under the auspices of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. This traditional event gathered over 50 enterprises of the nuclear industry.



For the first time AKKUYU NPP power generation JSC takes part in it by invitation of Rosatom State Corporation and Rusatom Overseas CJSC. The Company is actively conducting activities in training and education of the operating personnel for the future nuclear power plant in Turkey. The Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Director for HR and Administrative Issues, Andrey Gurlenov made a presentation about the project status and told about the Company’s staff policy.





The audience has passed a preliminary selection in view of the test results in order to meet the top manager of the joint-stock company, which constructs the first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey based on Russian technologies. In his speech Andrey Gurlenov stated that for obvious reasons the many positions in the project will be occupied by citizens of the Republic of Turkey. For this end they come to the Russian National Nuclear Research University MEPhI to obtain the specialized higher education. More than hundred people from Turkey are being now trained in the branch of the NRU MEPhI in the town of Obninsk. Another group of students is to come next year. The Director for HR and Administrative Issues of AKKUYU NPP, Andrey Gurlenov, emphasized that the Russian top-ranked specialists in the nuclear energy will be on high demand in the nearest future. And the fact that many countries have selected the nuclear energy as well as the ambitious plans of Russian Rosatom State Corporation to promote its technologies both in Russia and abroad, support such trend. Now Rosatom State Corporation launches special programs aimed at attracting into the industry the most talented young specialists and facilitating faster carrier growth of the most gifted among them. The participants asked the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Andrey Gurlenov, questions of interest about hiring procedures, transparency and openness of the employers, about possibilities to participate in development of new technologies and systems. Judging by informal conversation after the meeting, many attendees became more resolute to pass through the interview and use their knowledge at enterprises of Rosatom Russian State Corporation.



Summing up the meeting Larisa Strutskaya, Director of the HR Direction of Rusatom Overseas CJSC, thanked Andrey Gurlenov for his participation in the Carrier Days forum and stated that “the project of construction of the first nuclear power plant the Republic of Turkey attracted attention of the specialists all over the world, because it is the first experience of implementation of the large scale project under the BOO model (Build-Own-Operate), when the project company assumed responsibility to design, construct, maintain and operate and decommission the NPP. The project progress is interesting for everybody. But especially for those, who have an opportunity to become a member of the project company team. Not only the Turkish citizens are interested to be hired by AKKUYU NPP JSC. Many people would like to join the team of real professionals of the nuclear industry. It means new state-of-the-art technologies, international experience, new professional opportunities, which are in great demand in the world».



Press Service of AKKUYU NPP