Nuclear industry news


TVEL Fuel Company supplies nuclear fuel to the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant until the end of the august.


TVEL Fuel Company, a subsidiary of Russian State Atomic Energy Rosatom, is ready to deliver fresh nuclear fuel to the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant. The batch of fuel for Bushehr NPP’s first unit in Iran was manufactured on the Novosibirsk’s chemical concentrates plant in accordance with the contractual obligations of the Russian side.


Delivery will be made by the end of August 2015 in order to ensure the planned reactor’s reload with fresh nuclear fuel. Thus, an Iranian nuclear reactor will be connected to the country’s energy system on time without any disturbance to the consumers, as well as to nuclear and radiation safety.


In July 2015, the basic documents on Iran's nuclear program were signed by the permanent five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (International Group of "six") and Iran, which define the joint actions aimed at removing restrictive measures from the country. Right after these decisions the Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer – TVEL Fuel Company – opened bank accounts at one of the Iranian banks with a branch in Russia, in order to ensure timely delivery of fuel assemblies and payment for the supply. Loading of fresh fuel with the presence of international experts during a planned maintenance of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant is scheduled on September.


TVEL Fuel Company has been flawlessly operating for the past twenty years at the global market of nuclear fuel, providing supplies to 78 reactors in 15 countries, therefore, ensuring reliable operation of nuclear power plants, nuclear and radiation safety remain major priorities for the company’s operations.


Source: Interfax