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Reactor VVER-1000 (water cooled water moderated power reactor) has been operating for 25 years at NPP Kozloduy



NPP Kozloduy celebrated its anniversary – 25 years since the start of its thousandth unit which was the first in Bulgaria.


5 years ago, that is on November 29, 1987 at 23:39 (the local time), the fifth power unit of NPP Kozloduy was included in the energy system of Bulgaria, being the first unit in the country equipped with VVER-1000 reactor.


Valentin Nikolov, Executive Director of the Kozloduy NPP, , congratulated the employees of the plant on the anniversary and thanked them for hard work related to the keeping and augmenting of the achievements.


The construction of Kozloduy-5 officially started on July 9, 1980. On that day the first cubic meter of soil was extracted.


On December 26, 1985, the reactor pressure vessel was installed in the core barrel. The first fuel assembly was loaded on October 3, 1987.


The date of the physical start of Kozloduy-5 was November 5, 1987. The nominal power was first achieved on June 21, 1988.


For a quarter of a century the unit produced over 130 million MW/h of electric power. Owing to the fifth and the sixth unit the Kozloduy NPP remains the major producer of electricity in Bulgaria – last year the plant produced a third of the total volume of power output in the Balkan Republic.


Source: AtomInfo.Ru