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AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC's celebration in honor of Children's Day in Büyükeceli on April 23



The premiere of the "Lomonosov's Scroll" musical of the Rosatom Nuckids-2018 project in Moscow



Future Turkish nuclear scientists visit Leningrad NPP (Russia)



Students of MEPhI from Turkey visited Kalinin NPP (Russia)





An agreement on the offshore hydraulic engineering structures of Akkuyu NPP was signed in Ankara.




Turkish students visit the world's first nuclear power plant




Students from Turkey studying under the training program for Akkuyu NPP visited ATOMEXPO 2015




Students of MEPhI from Turkey visited the machine-building factory in Elektrostal.




2nd Nuclear Energy Summit




Students from Turkey performed at the 1st Festival of the Culture of Peoples.






Turkish students of MEPhI attended a lecture by the head of Rosatom State Corporation


Atomex Asia Nuclear Suppliers Forum launched in Vietnam

Turkish student of MEPhI became a prize-winner of the World Championship in Universal Combat



A delegation from Turkey visited the Novovoronezh NPP-2 construction site and the ATOMEX 2014 forum


Representatives of the management of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC visited ATOMEX 2014, the largest international forum of suppliers of the nuclear industry

A fourth group of students from Turkey arrived to study in Russia

The Russian premiere of the “Labyrinths of Childhood” musical with participation of children from the Republic of Turkey was successfully held in St. Petersburg

Representatives of the Turkish Grand National Assembly visited Novovoronezh NPP-2, met with deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and top-management of the State Atomic Energy Agency Rosatom, AKKUYU NPP JSC

The CEO of AKKUYU NPP JSC spoke at the ATOMEXPO 2014 International Forum

Physics Olympiad organized by AKKUYU NPP JSC is over in Mersin province

Fishing competitions were held at the Akkuyu NPP site

Akkuyu NPP supports the “Forest Week” environmental venture in Turkey

“In developed countries, there should be various sources of electricity, including nuclear power plants” - the first statement at the “NewGen - Energy of the Future” International Forum

Akkuyu NPP organized March 8 celebration for women of Mersin province

Another group of Turkish students visited Kalinin NPP


Representatives of the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority visited Novovoronezh NPP-2


International Congress on Energy Security in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Representatives of the largest technical universities and media in Turkey visited Novovoronezh NPP-2


Representatives of Akkuyu NPP spoke at a conference on involvement of Turkish companies in the NPP construction

Akkuyu NPP employees take part in a school celebratory assembly to mark the start of a new school year in Turkey

Turkish delegation attends Russian Fishing Championship at a nuclear power plant cooling pond

Children from Turkey return home after triumphant success in international project



IAEA experts share experience with Turkish specialists in building a nuclear infrastructure


Turkish delegation attends IAEA Conference “Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century”


Atomexpo 2013 International Atomic Energy Forum draws conclusions



Representatives of Turkish energy ministries and departments visited the construction site of the Belarusian NPP


Turkish students visit the first nuclear power plant in the world


Turkish delegation attends Multi-D forum


Akkuyu NPP awarded the excellent pupils of Büyükeceli elementary school



Turkish Deputy Minister meets with students in Obninsk


Ecological celebration on the Mediterranean coast

Turkish schoolchildren become winners of the international project on nuclear energy



Moscow-Istanbul Teleconference. Live dialogue between the Energy Ministers of Turkey and Russia (Istanbul) with students who are studying in Russia (Moscow)



Turkish journalists visited Paks NPP in Hungary




Turkey now has a green section of Akkuyu NPP



Nuclear Energy Information Center opened in Mersin, Turkish Republic




Turkish authorities awaiting commencement of construction of AKKUYU NPP


Head of the Turkish delegation: "Now I'm not afraid of anything!"




A delegation from Indonesia visited AKKUYU NPP.





"Arrival in Russia of the second group of students to study in the field of nuclear energy. October 02, 2012"





Construction site of AKKUYU NPP. Year 2012



Visit of the IAEA representatives to the AKKUYU NPP worksite. August 2012



Children from the Republic of Turkey at the international project "Nuclear Kids-2012". August 2012




Speech by Taner Yildiz at the international economic forum in Russia. 21.06.2012



Visit of the delegation of the Republic of Turkey to Novovoronezh NPP and Novovoronezh NPP-2. May 2012




Participation of the delegation of the Republic of Turkey in the ATOMEXPO-2012 International Forum. Russia, Moscow, June 2012



Visit of representatives of energy agencies of the Republic of Turkey to Russia. 09.04.2012


The first public information center has been opened at the site of future nuclear power plant construction. 15.03.2012


Student life




Visit of the delegation of the Turkish branch of the international public chamber to the Kalinin NPP. Udomlya, Tver Region, Russia, 25.02.12




Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom S.V. Kiriyenko gives a lecture to foreign students. Moscow. December 2011



Turkish students on an excursion in Moscow. September 2011


The first arrival of Turkish students in Moscow to study. September 2011


Engineering surveys at the Akkuyu NPP site. June 2011



Visit of representatives of Turkish media to Kalinin NPP (Russia). May 2011


Filming of a documentary film about the construction of AKKUYU NPP by the TRT television company. May 2011



Place of future construction of AKKUYU NPP.



Visit of the First Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey Metin Kilci to Kalinin NPP. Russia, Tver region, Udomlya. February 2011