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In 2013 a tender on construction of new power units for NPP will be held in Hungary



The start of the tender on the construction of new power units at Hungarian NPP “Paks” will be adjourned until 2013. Earlier it was assumed that the tender would start before the end of 2012.


The adjournment is caused by legal technicalities. Although the generating company MVM will have enough time to prepare tender documentation until the end of the year, it is obliged to conduct a meeting of shareholders at least 60 days before the official start of the tender.


NPP Paks operates four VVER-440 units, with the electric power boosted up to 500 MW.


Two more units in the range of 1000MW - 1600MW each are planned to be build. The first new unit is to be commissioned in 2025.


Hungary selected five projects of reactors for participation in the tender: APR-1400 (South Korea), AP-1000, EPR (France), ATMEA-1 and АЭС-2006.



Source: AtomInfo.Ru