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Ilker Sert in the delegation visited the Russian NPPs


Interpretation of the interview by Turkish delegation representatives after visiting Novovoronezh nuclear power plant. May, 2012.

Quotations (direct speech):


Ilker Sert – Counsellor of Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey.

1. “There have been long discussions concerning Turkey’s will to become a country having nuclear plant and nuclear power industry. Having signed the intergovernmental agreement Turkey expressed its final point of view and ultimate position. We have visited Novovoronezh nuclear power plant and the trip gave us a chance to see the way the construction was going on and how the plant worked. That was very useful. The information provided by our colleagues, highly qualified Russian specialists, was very valuable as well.”

2. “Referring to the issue being of greatest interest to me as a representative of Department of Energy I should mention that Turkey gets the greater part of electric energy by burning coal. There are 8-9 % of renewable energy sources. Even in case we use several times more renewable energy sources we still wouldn’t be able to meet our requirements. Therefore the government decided that by the year 2023 Turkey must cover 20% of its needs for nuclear energy. We are obliged and have to do that because there is a limit to renewable energy sources capabilities and reserves. Hard coal which is used in energy production nowadays is mostly imported by our country.”


3. “Having visited the plant we realized that the price for electric energy produced at nuclear power plants is unbelievably low. If we appraise the cost value of this cheap energy the cost of uranium that we are planning to buy for the plant will make only 30% of it and the rest will be the expenses for staff and plant exploitation. When we are able to build a nuclear plant in our territory the amounts we pay for importing natural gas, oil and hard coal will decrease significantly. The price of electricity production will be much lower and again the most part of the expenses will be to pay for services of our specialists working in the field. This will make it possible not to pay colossal amounts from the budget in order to buy energy sources from other countries as we do now.”


4. “And the most astonishing thing to me during the nuclear plant visit in Russia was that energy is produced from uranium fuel invisible to us, from an invisible reaction. I was also impressed by the conditions in places where stuff just maintains the reactor while the production is carried out inside. It is hard to correlate the fact that the plant deals with coal burn and the amount of production waste and territory occupied by hydrocarbon residual products! It becomes clear that nuclear power plant is characterized by clean, careful and compact production! And we must keep our population fully informed on the little extent of environmental impact it has! When people find that out and compare it to what we have now they will naturally and easily accept the government resolution on construction of nuclear power plant. And we do have that need for production of electric energy that would be so cheap in our territory. We have the need for a greater number of nuclear plants. This trip to the nuclear power plant, the fact that the production is so clean, careful and compact as well as comfortable work conditions produced a very strong impression on me. These are the factors of utmost importance to the Ministry of Energy.”