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Hungarian partners appreciated production capacities and technologies of Rosatoms TVEL Fuel Company

Earlier today, Elemash (a subsidiary of Rosatom's TVEL Fuel Company) hosted a visit by Peter Csiba, CEO of the Hungarian power company MVM. Accompanied by TVEL President Yuri Olenin, he visited Elemash production facilities and was demonstrated the production process of fuel pellets, rods and assemblies for the Paks NPP in Hungary. 
"I have heard a lot about TVEL and its excellent manufacturing practices. But what I have seen today impressed me greatly. I have no more doubt that nuclear energy is safe," MVM CEO said after the visit.
Peter Csiba expressed a high opinion of the Russian nuclear fuel fabrication plant. "Product quality at Elemash is maintained at the highest level, and TVEL remains our proven and reliable partner," he noted. 
"Hungary is our strategic partner, and we are committed to meeting our contract obligations and expanding our partnership by developing and improving our nuclear technologies," stressed TVEL President Yuri Olenin. 
The only functioning nuclear station in Hungary is located near the town of Paks. All the four units operating VVER-440 reactors were designed and built by the Soviet Union. The Paks nuclear power plant accounts for nearly 42% of total electric power generated in the country.
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MVM is state-run group operating the national power grid, nuclear facilities, a power distribution center and a coal-fired co-generation plant and is responsible for the development of the Hungarian power industry. 

Source: TVEL Press Service, Elemash Public Relations Department