Bahçeşehir Anatolian High School students visited the Public Information Center in Mersin



Bahçeşehir Anatolian High School students along with their teachers visited the Public Information Center of Akkuyu NPP in the city of Mersin.


The employees of the PIC told visitors about the project of construction of the first Turkish nuclear power plant and showed an exposition dedicated to the nuclear industry. Then the students watched a film depicting operating technologies of modern NPPs. At the end of the visit students got answers to their issues of interest, that are siting of NPP, ways of electric power transmission, selection of personnel for the NPP, authorities of the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority.


But special interest the school kids showed to the NPP safety; they learned that modern NPPs have a defense in depth in nuclear safety. The system looks like a Russian nesting doll. The first system is a fuel pellet, containing Uranium. The pellets are inside metal fuel elements. The next safety barrier is a reactor vessel. And finally, there is an outer concrete hermetic containment building (containment). The containment design allows withstanding all types of external impacts: earthquakes, wind-spouts, hurricanes, air shock waves and even an aircraft crash.