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Akkuyu NPP supported the environmental campaign “Forest Week” in Turkey


A forest replanting event was conducted in Büyükeceli (the nearest settlement to the construction site of Akkuyu NPP) in Mersin province as a part of the traditional “Forest Week” in Turkey. The Head of the Regional Administration, Mr. Tekin Dyundar, the Director of the Public Information Center (PIC) of Akkuyu NPP in Mersin, Faruk Uzel, the Director of PIC of Akkuyu NPP in Büyükeceli, Sadyk Gyuleryuz, the Head of the Forestry Operational Department, Emrakh Erenkul, and 450 secondary school students from Gülnar region took part in the event, and each of them planted a transplant.


The Head of the Administration noted in his welcome speech: “I am glad to see the oncoming generation participating in the event which is important for us. Dear children, today you have spent not only lovely time but also the quality one. Each of you has planted a transplant which will grow up and will become a real tree. I hope that all of you will face the great achievements which will be as great and important as these future trees. Akkuyu NPP which will be constructed near to our village is an important object for our region and for the country in general. The first nuclear power plant will make an invaluable contribution to the development of the Republic of Turkey”.


The Deputy Head of the Forestry Operational Department in Gülnar region, Kazym Bal, noted in his speech that forest is a natural resource which is both of moral and material value and which combines a great number of economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits. According to his words, forest is a source of food, fuel, clean air, raw materials for medicine production, is a home for animals, a source of income and place for recreation. “Love to forest arouses in early childhood of every person and becomes stronger as the person grows up. Owing to you the forest will be increasing and we will make success in solving a problem of soil erosion. I would like to express gratitude to the initiator of the event, to the Head of the Regional Administration of Gülnar, to Mr. Tekin Dyundar, and to Akkuyu NPP JSC for active support and cooperation with people of Mersin province”, - said Kazym Bal.



“We have energy both for young trees and for large-scale projects”, - started his speech the Director of PIC of Akkuyu NPP in Büyükeceli, Lyutfi Sarydzhi. “We are working for the benefit of future of our country so that it would be bright and clear. Today you, the young generation, planted the trees which will become a forest park after several years. Congratulations to you! I believe that owing to your love to nature we all together will save and grow up the trees and will present a large, clean and beautiful forest to our country!”.


After the official part of the event the participants were invited to a celebratory dinner with sweet Turkish eats and drinks. Then an entertainment program was organized for children on the Mediterranean Sea. They took part in different games, sport competitions and events, which were prepared by the guest animation staff, with great pleasure.


Such environmental campaigns with participation of employees from the Project Company have already become traditional. At the beginning of Summer 2013 there was the mass campaign aimed at beach cleaning. The second school students from Buyukeceli took part in the international creative project aimed at creating the information poster on the topic “Nature and NPP: friendly neighborhood”. Winners of the competition were awarded at the operating Russian nuclear power plant – Kalininskaya NPP where the children were shown that the plant and the environment can be harmonious neighbors. Last year the employees of the Project Company participated in planning trees. Near to the construction site there is already a green section of Akkuyu NPP where over 1000 transplants are planted. During one year children had been tending them and observing their growth. A year later the children again came to this place to plant more transplants. The Director of PIC of Akkuyu NPP in Mersin, Faruk Uzel, declared: “It becomes a good tradition for the new generation. Each year a number of trees increases. They will become a real forest in future being a symbol of clean atomic energy neighboring the nature. The NPP facility does not do harm to the environment in Mersin province and the today’s event as well as a number of other events showed how responsible the employees of the Project Company are in respect of ecological issues”.




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service