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Akkuyu NPP organizes a creative contest for schoolchildren of Mersin province


AKKUYU NPP JSC Project Company participates in organization of the international children’s creative project «Today it is fiction, tomorrow - reality» for the 3rd year in succession. The contest will be held in 5 nominations. The creative event under the slogan: «We have energy for the future» will take place in the nominations «Drawing», «Application», «Model», «Sculpture» and «Graphic design». The winner in each nomination will get the right to come to Russian for awarding and visit of the operating nuclear power plant. Memorable prizes and prizes will be served to the children, who win the prize ranks. Director of the Public Information Center (PIC) of Akkuyu NPP in Büyükeceli Lütfi Sarıci held a number of meetings with the children, who wished to demonstrate their creative abilities. The Head of the Education Directorate of Gülnar district Gazi Kırlangıç, pupils of secondary schools of districts of Mersin Province also took part in all meetings. It is expected that up to 700 persons will take part in the contest.


During the speech at one of the meetings the PIC director noted: «If NPP was operated already today, each seventh lamp in houses worked due to the electric power, developed in the nuclear power plant. The goal of the Project Company is to produce electricity, which is so needed for our country. NPP occupies rather small territory, producing hereby considerable volumes of electric power, which will be continuously produced for 60 years. I’ll give an example electricity will be continuously delivered to your houses due to operation of NPP for 7,800 hours of 8,640 hours per year». Lütfi Sarıci emphasized that Turkey needs electric power for development of industry and economy of the state. Nuclear power engineering will allow building new modern cities with developed infrastructure. «The airport, new roads, universities, hospitals, schools, new housing, as well as other social facilities for the needs of the population will appear in the region», – the director of the Akkuyu NPP PIC noted in the course of presentation.


The Head of the Education Directorate of Gülnar district Gazi Kırlangıç stated: «I want to express gratitude to the Project Company for implementation of social actions in our district, Akkuyu NPP is one of scaled projects for the entire history of the Turkish Republic and as soon as it is implemented, we will see, what benefit it will bring to Gülnar district, Mersin Province, country in general. For the progressive development and advance Turkey needs electric power. The examples of South Korea, China and other countries of South-East Asia prove this. Due to nuclear power engineering these countries have successfully solved the problem of energy deficit and accumulate development rates in the technological sphere every day. Due to NPP, planned for construction in Büyükeceli, the region will make a real breakthrough. The Akkuyu NPP construction project will allow creating thousands of new jobs».


Those, who wish to take part in the contest «Today it is fiction, tomorrow - reality», coming under the slogan: «We have energy for the future», must implement their creative ideas in two basic subjects: «Contribution of Akkuyu NPP to development of the region» and «How will the province change in the nearest future?». Schoolchildren of Gülnar and neighboring districts of any age category will be able to take part in nominations «Application», «Model», «Sculpture» and «Graphic design». Nomination «Drawing» will be held among the pupils of primary and secondary school of Mersin Province at the age of 9 to 14 years old. The names of the winners will be announced in the middle of April 2014 at the official part AKKUYU NPP JSC Project Company in Facebook at




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