The residents of Gulnar Regions communities, where Akkuyu NPP will be built, are in favor of the nuclear industry development in the Republic of Turkey


The representatives of AKKUYU NPP have arranged several meetings with residents of the regional center Gulnar, where the nuclear power plant is to be built. The Project presentations have been organized in communities of Buyukeceli, Aidincik, Yeshilovacik, Akdere and Gulnar. AKKUYUN NPP’s employees have in detailed explained the ongoing project activities, the way how the power plant is to be constructed, how it will operate, what safety systems will guarantee the absence of emergencies, who will operate the plant, and addressed many other topics. The public was able to ask their questions after the presentations. The top priority questions were about safety and employment for the population living nearby the plant. The Deputy CEO of AKKUYU NPP, Mr. Rauf Kasumov, has emphasized that the potential scope of work will suffice for all. 10-12 thousand people will be involved in the all types of activities during the peak periods of the power plant construction. Only nuclear technology specialists, such as in erection of reactor buildings, will come from Russia. Such work requires 15-20 years of expertise. But the construction work of the 1st level will necessitate a lot of adequate professionals. Mr. Rauf Kasumov has invited the attention of the authorities to the need for opening various training classes in order to prepare qualified professionals: welders, electricians, installers and others. Development of a new infrastructure will require many products and services. Turkish companies should be ready to increase their production capacities from construction material through prime necessities.

The mayor of the municipal entity of Aidincik, Mr. Ferhat Aktan, has fully supported the nuclear industry development in the Republic of Turkey by underlining the country’s dependence on foreign energy supplies, which, according to him, amounts to 75%. The mayor has remarked: «Such proportion needs to be decreased. We are expecting the agriculture development. France can be a model. The farming there is located quite close to the nuclear power plants, and no questions about negative influence have ever come up. On the contrary, production has witnessed ten-time increase to satisfy the needs of people operating the nuclear power plant. Similar situation is in Canada, which is one of the prominent states in the field of the nuclear energy and at the same time is agriculturally leading among the developed countries».

The meetings have also addressed the expediency of the plant construction. According to the population, 18% of all generated power in Turkey satisfies population domestic needs. And the industrial enterprises consume the major part of it. Currently the generated power is enough only to satisfy the private sector.

Plant’s safety issues greatly interested the population of the settlements neighboring the projected plant. Particularly, how the NPP would impact the marine fauna. The Head of the AKKUYU NPP Information Center in Buyukeceli, Mr. Lutfi Sarica, has accentuated that there would have no noxious influence on the marine biocenosis. The sea water will be used for cooling down the plant. Then the water will be drain back to the sea. And no radioactive pollution will be referred for the reason that the water will only be used for chilling.

The Director of the Mersin NPP Information Center, Mr. Faruk Uzel, has described the special features of the Defense-in-depth of the plant ensuring special safety for the Russian projects. Moreover, he has mentioned the engineering surveys being conducted on the NPP site, the activities related to investigations of the seismic situation, the Earth’s crust motions, the sea water examinations, the gathering of the meteorological data. Mr. Faruk Uzel has also highlighted that all activities are being conducted in compliance with the IAEA standards and active involvement of the ТАЕК representatives. The plant construction will start after completion of all the mentioned works, and today’s students will operate the power plant. The first group of them has been sent for training to Russia.

The meetings with the AKKUYU NPP representatives have demonstrated enthusiasm of the population and have passed in confidential ambience. The residents have received exhaustive answers to all their questions of interest. Suggestions to organize such “face-to-face” encounters have repeatedly sounded. The heads of all settlements have expressed their support for the new technologies and wished the AKKUYU NPP representatives to begin as soon as possible the construction, and correspondingly local population involvement into one of the biggest project on territory of the Republic of Turkey during the last period.

The Akkuyu NPP construction will be implemented on ВОО (Build – Own – Operate) principle. This is the first NPP construction project of this type executed by Russian companies. Under the long-term agreements the project company assumes the responsibility to design, build, operate and decommission of the plant. Foreign investors can participate in the project by acquiring a stake of shares not exceeding a threshold in total equal to 49 %. The Turkish side has guaranteed purchasing of a defined quota of the generated electric energy at a fixed price within 15 years after putting the NPP units into operation, and thus provided the payback of the project.